IAVA presents 2019 Richmond Super 6s


For the time in the history of IAVA, IAVA would be organizing the Richmond Super 6s Cricket tournament, which is one of its kind!!! This fun filled day is not only for the cricketers but also for family members and spectators!!! There would be bouncy house for kids and Food available for purchase so that you can enjoy a good game of Competitive cricket coupled with some family time with hit numbers playing in the background!!!

The Match rules are as follows:

Except the rules mentioned below other standard cricket rules remain the same:

-  Maximum Overs Per Innings: Five
-  Max Players a Side: Six
-  Final Match: Eight Balls per Over
-  Max Overs Per Bowler: 1 Over
-  Wide Ball: 2 Runs
-  No-ball: 2 Runs
-  No inner circle
-  Wicket keeper not mandatory

Other highlights:

-  Format of the tournament will be knock-out format.
- Draws will happen in presence of captains.
-  Umpires decision will be final and has to be respected by all teams.
- Entry fees will be 60$ per team.
-  Teams will be provided with water for the matches.

Prizes will be awarded. In case of questions, please reach out to us at info@iava.us