IAVA Education Day 2024

Who are the next Spelling & Math Bee 2024 Champions?
IAVA is proud to bring back the  "IAVA Education Day 2024" for children in grades 2 through 8.


Throughout 2024, children all across the country and all over the world will be participating in various Regional Bees and the National Bee. IAVA is proud to provide a platform to encourage children to participate in such contests and also give them an experience of what it takes to participate in such contests. "The IAVA Math & Spelling Bee 2024" contests would be conducted in two categories:-

First Category :- Grade 2 - 5.
Second Category :- Grade 6 - 8.

Children/ Guardians interested to know more about "The IAVA Spelling Bee 2024" can find detailed rules at the following link.

Click here to see the words list for 2nd to 5th grade students & here for the word list for 6th to 8th grade students. These lists will help your child to prepare.The words in the spelling bee will be from but not limited to the these lists.

Registration Fees

  • Children of IAVA Member  Math or Spelling Bee - $10.00
  • Children of IAVA Member  Math and Spelling Bee - $15.00
  • Children of Non-IAVA Member Math or Spelling Bee - $15.00
  • Children of Non-IAVA Member Math and Spelling Bee - $23.00

For questions, please email us at iavaeducate@iava.us


    • Registration for the event is final and No Cancellations are allowed.