IAVA Best of Guptaji-USA Tour


Come spend an evening laughing with one of the best stand-up comics in India. Gupta-ji will be in town and you do not want to miss this opportunity to see him perform live. The minimum age limit for attending the show is 13.

Our food partner "Bawarchi" would be selling dinner boxes during the event to cater to our audience. Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian boxes would be priced at $7 and $6 respectively. In case you plan to purchase dinner at the event, please fill in your details in this form so that it helps our food partner be better prepared as they would be carrying limited number of dinner boxes.

Alcoholic beverages ( Beer and Wine) would also be sold at a nominal price.

Tickets:- $15 
Venue:- Rockville Center, 16238 Pouncey Tract Rd,
Rockville, VA 23146
Date :- 28th of March, 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm