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Introducing the first event of IAVA FIT for the year 2020! It may be just what you need to achieve your fitness goals for 2020! You get to meet and make friends with like-minded community members who are pursuing their own personal goals towards a healthy lifestyle.

IAVA FIT brings you an enhanced "Couch to 10K" training program this year to help you through the first goal of conquering 6.2 miles and finish the Monument Avenue 10K run on Saturday, March 28th. IAVA's experienced and motivational coaches are excited and ready to get going with you! This training program is for everyone irrespective of if you are a runner or a walker or first timer.

You must be an IAVA member for 2020 to participate in IAVA FIT programs. You will need to register for IAVA FIT’s training program by registering below link.

The IAVA 10K "Couch to 10k" training begins on 12th January (Sunday) at 8:00 AM at Twin Hickory Park

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