Picnic Details

Are you all ready for another edition of the IAVA Mother's Day and Spring Picnic? Our 2017 Mother's Day and Spring Picnic was a BIG HIT program with close to 1000 people attending the event and enjoyed delicious food and mother's day events. It was a memorable event and so this year, Team IAVA is more determined to make the Mother's Day Spring picnic even bigger by including various games which involves Moms and kids. So put on your sports shoes and come out and have fun with your friends and family

Please note that this year, we are celebrating our Picnic a day ahead of the Mother's day on Saturday so that you get to spend quality time with your children and family!!! Our Social team is already working on presenting a delectable and delicious fare for all of you and so rest assured, you will have an awesome Pre-Mother's day!!!

Please use the below link to register yourself for the Picnic.

Please use the below link to register for the Games for Moms and Kids

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