IAVA Executive Committee 2020

Satish Mishra
Satish and Aarti have been Richmondites since 2013. They have been in the states since 2007 and after travelling coast to coast decided Richmond was the best place for their family. Satish is in IT space with Anthem and loves sports, music and reading. Aarti is in HR with Anthem and loves music and painting and is a great peoples person. They have two beautiful daughters Ipsita and Myra. These pretty girls also love music and have passion for dancing. They came to know about IAVA last year and since then this group is like a second family to them.
Aekta Chawla
Vice President

I am very excited to be a Vice President of IAVA, esteemed organization, for the year of 2020. I have been an very active volunteer for this organization in different capacities for last 10 years.
I have been in living Richmond for last 21 years with my family. I am very passionate about my work as a Realtor. I  love to work with people and make a difference in the community.

Sanjay Goswami
Director of strategy
Sanjay & Madhulika have been residing in Richmond since 2010. Before coming to †US in year 2000, he was with Indian Air Force and still cherish 6 years of my time in IAF. Their move to Richmond turned out to be a blessing for as they found an active Indian community and tons of good friends. They have two kids - Tarun, a freshman at UVA and Parul 8th grader at Moodys. He tries to participate in all sorts of volunteering activities, be it India Bazar or Hindu Temple or other NGOs. He strongly believes that all of us should try and give back to the Indian community. IAVA is an excellent community organization and would like to urge everyone to get their friends to join IAVA. Sanjay was the Social Director in IAVA in the year 2016 and 2017.
Vakul Goel
Vakul & Shivi Goel have been calling Richmond their home since 2004. Vakul has been an active community leader volunteering in community events throughout Richmond. Shivi loves dancing and has volunteered to choreograph multiple dances at various Richmond events throughout the year. Their two kids Vansh (8) & Naysa (4) love to move their legs on the numbers choreographed by mom.
Agila Ganesh
Agila Ganesh has been living in Richmond since 2010 with her husband Ganesh and daughter Maya. She is an IT professional.She is passionate about dancing, painting and loves cooking. Both Ganesh and Agila are sports enthusiast and like to follow major sporting events . She is excited to be a part of team IAVA and her goal is to continue bringing more members to the committee.
Surabhi Makhija
Cultural Director
Vineet and Surabhi moved to Richmond in 2014 from Charlotte NC, we're looking for a platform to make some good friends in the community. We joined the IAVA community in 2015 and became members which gave us an opportunity to meet some great people who were very welcoming and made us feel at home. We both enjoyed so much and decided to get engaged in the community. We have three children, Ayush who is a Senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, Ashvin is Junior at Glen Allen high School and Simran is in Holman Middle school. Surabhi is a Montessori school teacher and she loves dancing! Vineet works in a Technology group for a bank.
Vivek & Tripti Gangal
Social Director
Vivek Gangal is a Richmond resident since 2001. Vivek is married to Tripti and have two beautiful daughters Kriti and Isha. Vivek and Tripti, both, actively volunteer at the various community events and as family enjoy traveling. They are looking forward to a active and enjoyable IAVA 2016 calendar.
Roop Bassan
Social Director
Rupinder Dhillon, mostly known by ‘Roop’ is an IT Professional originally from Punjab who has moved to Richmond in 2000. She is married to Praveen Bassan, a Business owner and have two handsome boys Ansh and Arsh. After working with Capital one for 10 years, Roop is currently a VA State employee. Roop and Praveen are fun loving and enjoy travelling. They have been associated with IAVA for many many years. They believe in ‘what goes around comes around and you reap what you sow’.
Rohit Joshi
Iava Meditation
Rohit Joshi and his wife Jigna have been in Richmond since 2002 and are proud to be part of the Indian community in Richmond. Rohit is an Engineering Director at Capital One and Jigna is an entrepreneur owning a Dairy Queen in West End. They have two lovely kids Shriya and Shlok. Rohit is passionate about technology and meditation. He is also a volunteer at Heartfulness Meditation Institution and Zankar Group which organizes Navaratri Dandia in West End. Meditation is our ancient heritage and scientifically proven to help body, mind, and soul and enable conscious living. I heartfully invite everyone to come and experience meditation at the Heartfulness meditation center.
Swati Neogi
Social Media and Creative Director
Swati Neogi has been residing in Richmond for 8 years. She is a fun loving and outgoing personality accompanied with equally enthusiastic partner and child. They have been involved with IAVA for 7 years now and just in love with the energy and enthusiasm. She has many many friends through IAVA who are like family to her. IAVA helps her keep in touch with my India. In addition to being the Social Media director, she has taken over as the Creative director as well.
Manisha Singh
Graphics Director
Shailender Singh is the Software Development Manager (EDI) in Dell International Services, In charge of Application integration using Microsoft products. Shailender belongs from dil of India (New Delhi) and currently†lives in Twin Hickory Glen Allen with his wife Manisha son Meet Singh (6) and daughter Siya (6 months).
Rick & Rachel Sharma
Sports & IAVA Care Director
Rick and Rachel have been married for 18 years and have 2 amazing kids - Priya (15) and Rohan (7). Rick’s competitive edge naturally landed him to become an incredible asset to the IAVA sports team. He loves all sports. Rachel is an active part of the Junior Board for the Children’s Museum of Richmond(C-MOR). Rachel has initiated a partnership between IAVA and C-MOR. Rick and Rachel love to spend time with friends and family, watching football, movies and enjoy vacationing. Rick loves to be outdoors and taking adventures. Rachel loves to cook - fusion and different cuisines. She is currently also working on her blog.
Rahul & Ruchi Shah
Membership and Social Media
Rahul and Ruchi Shah have been Richmond residents since 2007. Both are IT professionals. They have a 2 year old son Kiaan who loves to talk, play and just be himself. They both are ardent foodies and love to travel. Ruchi is a peoples person and loves to meet new people, interact and have fun. She enjoys cooking and organizing events. They have been active members in Jain community since they moved to Richmond. Rahul has been Membership director since past 1 year and Ruchi is now a part of IAVA Educate team. They look forward to being a part of this awesome team of selfless volunteers and have a rocking year full of fun filled events.
Yamuna Arvind
My name is Yamuna Arvind.
I am married to Arvind Desai and we have two boys Anish / Sirish.
We have two cats - Simba and Sophia - and a dog Snoopy.
We enjoy walking, cooking, hiking and camping.
Rupali Pendse
IAVA Teen Director
Rupali, her husband, and two children proudly call Glen Allen their home. She firmly believes in family values and actively participating in the community. She reflects these beliefs in the fact that she has been an office bearer for local community organizations such as GRMM, IAVA, Boy Scouts of America, Richmond Association of Realtors as well as a strong supporter of the PTA. She have passion for IAVA and loves to work for community
Arun Sarda
Communications Director
Arun Sarda is an IT Project Manager residing in Richmond since 2006. He joined IAVA in 2014. Arun and Pooja have been married for 11 years and have a daughter Tanushree (8). Arun is a foodie. He enjoys interacting with people and loves social get togethers. Pooja is an entrepreneur. She loves running and participating in marathons. Arun is excited to be a part of IAVA email communication team and looking forward to working with such an enthusiastic team.
Vipin Gautam
Vipin and Sweta moved to Richmond from Phoenix during summer of 2017 and since then they have been active members of IAVA. Vipin works as an IT manager and together they have traveled across the world, as part of work and leisure. They have been married since 2003 and have three adorable kids, Tanishqa, Meneja and Luvin. Vipin cherish photography and strongly believe that pictures convey incredible stories in remarkably simple manners. With AIVA touching so many lives of our community in a positive way, it's an honor to be a part of this journey in 2018.
Rashmi Jaiswal
Education Director
Vivek and Rashmi Jaiswal has been living in Richmond, VA since 2007. They are blessed with a charming 5 year old daughter Aanika. They joined IAVA in 2015 and since then volunteered in many IAVA events. Vivek is a sports enthusiast, who loves long distance running, tennis and cricket. Rashmi is passionate about dancing and choreography. They are engaged in various volunteering activities. Vivek is in Operation and Rashmi is Cultural Director.
Sudhendra Ayyampalayam
Operations Director
Sudhendra Ayyampalayam has moved to Richmond in 2006 from Detroit and joined IAVA in the same year inspired by Dr. Surya Dhakar. Started as a Volunteer in the Food, expanded into logistics, stage decorations, camping and became membership director in 2012 and continue till today. Sudhen & Vishali (CPA) have been married for 10 years with sibling Akshaj (7 years) continue to serve the community under IAVA. Sudhen would now be joining as the Operations Director
Parnita Singh
Operations Director
Parnita Singh, a Realtor by profession, currently residing in Glen Allen with her husband, Manpreet Bawa and 2 children, Gurbaaz and Mehr, ages 11 and 7. She loves interacting with people and looks forward to working with the Indian community in Richmond through IAVA, a true representation of all Indians. She enjoys teamwork and is excited to be part of the IAVA operations team this year.
Neelam Singh
Sports Director

Neelam Singh is a full time working mom of two young boys and a fitness enthusiast for life! Her husband Manoj Sangra was the driving force to get her into long distance running. In her words “Exercising doesn't take time away from family, but spending time on yourself goes a long way in your personal well-being. It’s important specially for women to make fitness a priority - a happy woman makes a happy home”.

Jayanna Hallur
Operations Director

Jayanna Hallur family moved to Richmond from California in 2014 is an IT professional. Originally from Karnataka, married to Latha Hallur and both have two school going lovely sons Akshay and Amrut. Jayanna is also an active member in Richmond Kannada Sangha & IAVA and given couple of Dance performances & Stage Dramas for RKS and IAVA events.  Jayanna and his friends Sachin & Mithun have founded Adbhutha Motion Pictures in Richmond and have done couple of short films. Some of his hobbies includes reading articles on India's politics,  watching movies, trekking, spending time with family & friends, playing indoor games and contribution to making short films.  Jayanna is contributing to IAVA community as part of Operations Team for this year. 

IAVA Executive Committee 2020


2020 IAVA Executive Committee
President Satish Mishra
Vice President Aekta Chawla
Director of Strategy Sanjay Goswami
General Secretary Vakul Goel
Treasurer Agila Ganesh
Technology Sujeet
Cultural Surabhi Makhija, Suraj Nataraj and Sapna Karwa
Marketing Sumit Bhandari, Kapil Bhura, Uday Jain, Nishant Karwa, Khyati Mehta
Membership Rahul Shah, Shweta Vyas, Sajana Maharjan, Sudhen, Trina Dutta, Yamuna Arvind
Creative Swati Neogi, Sheena Pramod
Social Seema Tiwari,Sudhakar Tiwari, Vivek Gangal , Tripti Gangal, Madhulika Goswami, Deepti Gupta, Pratik Mutha, Pooja Malu, Uttkarsh Raka, Roop Basan
Design Manisha Singh
Communications and Social Media Arun Sarda, Ankita Ghosh, Ruchi Shah
Community Outreach Krishna Mudigonda
IAVA Educate Mahalaxmi Sathish, Sri Santhanagopalan, Rashmi Jaiswal
IAVA Care Rupali Pendse, Rachel Sharma, Rashmi Chowdhory, Dinesh Nayak, Pooja Asthana
IAVA FIT Neelam Singh, Pankaj Sharma, Ryan Saldhana, Abhishek Shukla
Meditation / Yoga Rohit Joshi, Sudhakar Tiwari
IAVA Sports Rick Sharma, Ganesh A, Manpreet Bawa
Photo/Video Media Atanu Saha, Dipen Patel, Vivek Rajan
Sparsh Rashmi Binyala
IAVA – Operations
Rajesh C,  Amit Dhingra, Parnita Singh, Bhabani Tripathi, Jayanna Hallur, Puneet Puri, Atul Chowdhory, Arko C, Preeti Dube, Nithya Periyasamy, Sumit Kumar, Natasha
Dr Surya Dhakar, Deep Bainsla, Kim Joshi, Aarti Mishra
Board of Directors
Chairman Vikas Kapila (President 2012)
Directors Dr. Raj Dubey (2014), Milind Pendse (2015), Rakesh Bainsla (2016, 2017), Rajbans Joshi(2018.2019)
Special Support
Probodh Chiplunkar, Mandar Deshpande, Prasanna Kelkar