IAVA presents 2019 India Mela "Father and Child Cooking competition"


In celebration of Father’s Day, IAVA is proud to host the "Father and Child" cooking competition at India Mela.

“Fathers know best”

A cooking competition for talented and caring fathers who take pride in their cooking skills. Following are the rules to participate in the cooking competition.

      - Registration is a must to participate in the competition and all entries should be received by June 13th.
      - Teams are comprised of father and child (age 6-16)
- Each registrant to be communicated about the time when they need to report at the station on 13th of June.
      - Each team will be given a $25 gift card to reimburse your purchased groceries, needed for the competition
      - Each team will be given an hour to prep, cook, and present their signature dish/dishes (includes station cleanup)
      - Theme is to cook a signature dish/dishes for the judges and also for the audience tasting
      - Judging will be done based on presentation (plating), taste and station cleanup after cooking
      - Interactive completion, be prepared to answer questions from audience
      - Registration fee is $10 for IAVA members and $15 for Non-IAVA members
- Only cooking range to be provided. Remaining of the utensils including knives and cutlery to be brought by the participant
- No refunds allowed after registration.
- Please note that you are not allowed to use Alcohol in your cooking.

Prizes will be awarded. In case of questions, please reach out to us at info@iava.us