IAVA presents 2022 Camping at Co Rd 4/2, Gap Mills, WV 24941.

Glimpse from Past

Year after year, the IAVA Camping has become one of the most sought after event for Indians, in and around the Greater Richmond and Central Virginia, with people even from outside states  now joining this fun event.

This year Camping is at Co Rd 4/2, Gap Mills, WV 24941. To know more about this state park, please click here.

For people to start planning ahead, click here for a list we have put together to help you gather your camping gear. Any questions, please contact us at camping@iava.us

Note: This is a Members' only event and We will allocate you a camp site as part of registration group and we do not guarantee you any specific site. Some of you may need cabin or hotel stay and need to work directly with park/hotel for that need. Your price doesn't change if you do not stay in campsite. Also note that IAVA is NOT responsible for your tent. You are required to bring your own tent.


No unregistered friend / guest allowed in camping. Day campers pay same price like other campers and need to book like other campers. 

Your participation is subject to No Liability Agreement between you and IAVA. IAVA reserves the right to CANCEL your registration anytime.

Cancellation Policy

  • - In case you are cancelling your Camping reservation before 24th of May, then a fee of 20-25% would be deducted from the total transaction amount and the remaining refunded.
  • - No Cancellations and refunds after 24th May.