Membership Benefits

IAVA is a 501C certified NPO committed to facilitate & celebrate events to cater to the individual & professional development of the members of the local community of Central Virginia.

IAVA celebrates & facilitates events that include cultural, social, humanitarian, educational & sports activities enable diverse individualities to share a strong bond rooted in common heritage promoting a sense of Unity in Diversity!!!

IAVA offers several benefits to its members. Throughout the year, IAVA organizes several community events where members can enjoy diverse cultural shows and variety of delicious food items. Below are some examples of such events. For a complete list of events please visit Programs!  We celebrate with the community:

  1. Republic Day & Independence Day of India – highlighting the facts of the largest democracy in the world and celebrate with a Cultural show and dinner
  2. The Feeling of Togetherness through Picnics, Outdoor overnight Camping, Trekking & Sports
  3. Celebrating the welcoming of New Year at IAVA Annual New Year's Eve Party & Valentines Day 
More Benefits

Through engagement forums, IAVA provides opportunities to increase its members’ sense of belonging to the Indian community. For example, IAVA plans and organizes several workshops designed to engage children, youth & adults for cultural, health education, team spirit, and leadership enhancement. You can find additional details on this website.

IAVA has other valuable offerings to its members ranging from discount coupons to assistance in getting support from the Indian embassy. Examples include:

  1. Free food/meal tickets throughout the year at events such as Republic Day, Spring Picnic, and Independence Day celebration
  2. Discounted shopping at IAVA partner local businesses
  3. Passport and visa support from the Indian embassy & Support from Indian Banks such as SBI
  4. Access to local political forums and leaders
Pay your Membership
We accept payments online via PayPal which accepts major credit cards.

Select your membership type (single/family). Please choose any membership + donation option from menu below and click on 'Pay Now' button. Your donations are highly appreciated.

Your membership is subject to Liability Agreement between you and IAVA.

Many of IAVA members are also drawn to the association with personal motivating reasons such as potential opportunities to bring forth new talents, creativity, and skills to positively impact the community life quality, to follow own sense of duty to contribute back to the community, to find platform to develop meaningful associations with other community members, to improve skills of social relations, planning, and general leadership, and , last but not the least, a strong desire to bring positive improvement in the quality of Indian community life.