IAVA Executive Committee 2017

Rakesh Bainsla
Rakesh & Deep Bainsla, are Richmond resident since 2011 has been active volunteer and key contributor in Indian community activities. Rakesh & Deep are married for 15 years and resides in Twin Hickory,VA with their daughter Khushi (13) and son Rahul (10). Rakesh is an avid sports aficionado and a runner, as a family they enjoy traveling, adventure sports, and listening to music. Deep come from a political family background.

Her cousin brother is sitting MLA from Faridabad. Khushi and Rahul are also actively engaged in volunteering activities.

Aekta Chawla
Vice President
Aekta Chawla, Real estate professional. I moved to Richmond in the year of 1999 along with my husband Gaurav and have two sweet kids. I am very passionate about being active in the community and as a Vice President invite you all to join IAVA. My philosophy for work and play ' DO IT WITH PASSION OR NOT AT ALL'

Rajbansh & Kim Joshi
Vice President
Rajbans Joshi has been in Richmond since 2011. He is an Information Technology Engineer with AMC Technology and lives with his wife, Kim. Both Kim and Raj are avid traveller's, hardcore foodies and always ready to experiment something new and adventurous. He loves interacting with people and getting engaged in various volunteering activities and he hopes that he gets to do both being a part of the Membership team.
Gitanjli Paithane
Gitanjali Paithane, an avid traveler, photographer, and a catalyst at community events moved from Indore, India in 1995 to Portland, OR to be with her husband, Mukul. Emboldened by her experience as GRMM treasurer in the past, she will now be controlling IAVA finances as a treasurer; a logical progression of her increasing community participation since her move to Richmond in 2003. She has started a couple of IT companies and exited the same, to focus the last few years on children ñ Mihir is a Senior at the SMT center at Godwin, and Jui is a sophomore at Maggie Walker. Passionate, like the other office bearers at IAVA, she too has adopted a new slogan: Hamaraa Neta Kaisa Ho: Rakesh Bainsla Jaisa Ho!!

Sanjay Goswami
Director Social
Sanjay & Madhulika have been residing in Richmond since 2010. Before coming to †US in year 2000,I was with Indian Air Force and still cherish 6 years of my time in IAF.Our move to Richmond turned out to be a blessing for us as we found an active Indian community and tons of good friends.
We have two kids - Tarun, a freshman at UVA and Parul 8th grader at Moodys.I try to participate in all sorts of volunteering activities be it India Bazar or Hindu Temple or other NGOs.I strongly believe that all of us should try and give back to the Indian community. IAVA is an excellent community organization and would like to urge everyone to get their friends to join IAVA.
Sudhakar Tiwari
Director Social
Sudhakar Tiwari and family originally native of Jaunpur, UP. India moved to Richmond in 2000. Sudhakar is an IT professional and works for Capital One. He has two sons in college at Penn State University and Virginia Tech. He volunteers for various community activities

Abhishek Asthana
Director - Operations
Abhishek & Shalley Asthana are from Delhi. The family moved to Richmond in 2005. They have two wonderful kids Aaryan (10) and Vidushi (8). They live in Twin Hickory area. Abhi works for Capital One in Card Technology. He is a VCU Alumni and active member of Phi Kappa Phi. They got in touch with IAVA with the first summer family camp and have loved this family of IAVA ever since. While dealing with some financial concerns last year, Abhi came up with an idea of increasing the financial awareness for the community overall and plans to arrange some sessions this year for the community. Both Abhi and Shalley enjoy the company of books, great friends and food 🙂
Deepti Sitani
Design & Decorations Director
Deepti Sitani, a CPA by profession, has been living in Richmond for past 14 years with her husband, Vikrant Sitani and their two adorable daughters, Aarna (11 years) and Viva (8 years). Deepti loves to travel, enjoys event/party planning and is a passionate dancer. Deepti has been a great supporter of the Indian community and is delighted to bring in her passion to IAVA this year as Design & Decorations Director.

Atul Chowdhory
Camping Director
Atul Chowdhory moved to Richmond 5 years back and has been working  for Capital One since then. Loves to travel and explore different countries. His passion is cooking and trying different types of foods. He is blessed with two beautiful daughters and enjoy every moment with his family.
Neelam Singh
Sports Director
Neelam Singh: A Business Intelligence Consultant living in Richmond since 2009. She comes from a fauji family and has done her professional studies from Goa and Germany. An ardent traveler and voracious reader she is a mother of two boys Kiaan (4) and Aarin (1). Her husband Manoj Sangra (marathoner himself) encouraged and inspired her to get into long distance running. She feels honored to be a part of the IAVA training camp and would leave no stone unturned to motivate people to choose running as a way of life.

Mahalakshmi & Satish Chandran
Cultural Director
Mahalakshmi Sathish Chandran has been an active volunteer and a key contributor in Indian community activities for the past several years via. IAVA, RTS & GRAMAM. Mahalakshmi holds the position of Director of Cultural Events for the India Association of Virginia in 2016. She contributed to IAVA in the same capacity in 2015 as well. She is happily married to Sathish Chandran and is blessed with an adorable daughter, Ria (9) and a daring son, Rahul (5). Mahalakshmi is a passionate dancer, senior IT portfolio manager, a loving wife and mom.
Praveen Gupta
Picnic Director
Praveen and Manisha Gupta are Richmond residents since 2011 and have been active volunteers in community activities and they were founding member of Vaish Samaj. They have 2 kids Abhi is freshman in Godwin high school SMT center and Ashi is 4th grader at Glen Allen Elementary. As picnic director Praveen wants to bring everyone together for fun-filled day at IAVA picnic on Mother's day.

Ujjval & Pavithra Shukla
IT Director / Darpan Editor
Ujjval and Pavi, finally decided to put anchor down in Richmond in 2013 after living in various cities in US. Ujjval is avid sports enthusiast with distinct creative quotient. Pavithra is loving mom, committed professional, ardent dancer and yoga practitioner. Pavi is Cultural Director for RKS. Diva and Abha are their two loving daughters, both the girls love Music and Dancing specially Bollywood style. Ujjval & Pavi are really excited to be part of the great organization that creating a strong foundation for Indians Heritage in Richmond.
Amit & Shikha Mittal
Membership & Cultural Director
Amit Mittal and Shikha Gupta have been residing in Richmond since 2011. Amit works with Capital One.  Shikha is a dance choreographer and a pre school teacher. They strongly believe that being engaged in volunteering activities with IAVA has enriched their lives in many ways. Their family has actively participated in several Richmond events, including winning dance competitions. Their other interests include sports, travel, photography, and cooking different cuisines. They have a son Ansh and a daughter Aashna, both are in elementary school.

Simran & Prabodh Chiplunkar
Adviser - Marketing
Simran and Probodh Chiplunkar have been married for 9 years now with their 3 children Vidhi, Taeg and Sunidhi. Simran worked in Houston at the Indian Consulate of Houston and Vinmar for 10 years prior moving to Richmond. She is a CASA for the Henrico county courts.
Probodh is an active member in the Indian Community. He is passionate about singing and teaches many children in the community. He has been a US open tennis player and also helps many children learn tennis.
Swati & Rahul Neogi
Director - Social Media
Swati Neogi residing in Richmond for 8 years. I am a fun loving and outgoing personality accompanied with equally enthusiastic parter and child. We have been involved with IAVA for 7 years now and just in love with the energy and enthusiasm. I have have many many friends through IAVA who are like family to me. IAVA helps me keep in touch with my India.

Shalini Goyal
Director - Youth Development
I am Shalini Goyal. I have been living in Richmond for 19 years with my husband Rakesh Goyal. We have two charming daughters Nupur and Nitya. We have been part of IAVA for 15 years† and feel proud of this organization. IAVA has given me a forum to work with community youth.
Shailender & Manisha Singh
Director Membership/ Graphics
Shailender Singh is the Software Development Manager (EDI) in Dell International Services, In charge of Application integration using Microsoft products. Shailender belongs from dil of India (New Delhi) and currently†lives in Twin Hickory Glen Allen with his wife Manisha son Meet Singh (6) and daughter Siya (6 months).

Rick & Rachel Sharma
Director - Sports
Rick and Rachel Sharma, both IT Professionals, have been residents of Richmond since 2003. Rickís enthusiasm and love of cricket has made him an integral part of IAVA Sports. Rachel is an active part of the Junior Board for the Childrenís museum. They have been married for 16 years and they reside on the West End with their daughter Priya {13} and son Rohan {5}.
Vivek & Tripti Gangal
Director - Social
Vivek Gangal is a Richmond resident since 2001. Vivek is married to Tripti and have two beautiful daughters Kriti and Isha. Vivek and Tripti, both, actively volunteer at the various community events and as family enjoy traveling. They are looking forward to a active and enjoyable IAVA 2016 calendar.

Gargi Pal
Director Marketing
Gargi Pal has lived in Richmond, VA for about 20 years. She is the owner of Eye Level learning center of Richmond-Regency Square. She loves her ties to the community, and desires to participate in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors. She cherishes her family and is fortunate to get a lot of love and support from them.
Deep Bainsla
Advisor - Strategy
Deep Bainsla is strategy advisor of IAVA and mages most of the operations for the team. She is better half of the President and is always supporting IAVA from every aspect. Deep comes from a very influence political family from India in Rajasthan and Haryana. her cousin brother is sitting MLA from Faridabad while her Uncle has served 10 years as minister in Rajasthan. Deep is a very strong support to the whole team.

Ajay Kadyan
Director Operations
Ajay Kadyan is an IT Professional who has been residing in Richmond since 2007. Ajay got married to Sapna in 2011 and they have a 2 year boy Avyaan Kadyan who keeps them busy most of the times. They joined IAVA in 2016 and since then volunteered for various IAVA events throughout the year. They enjoy traveling to new places. They feel honored to be a part of operations team for IAVA and be a part of such a fun loving and passionate team.
Sudhendra Ayyampalayam
Director Membership
Sudhendra Ayyampalayam has moved to Richmond in 2006 from Detroit and joined IAVA in the same year inspired by Dr. Surya Dhakar. Started as a Volunteer in the Food expanded into logistics, stage decorations, camping and became membership director in 2012 and continue till today. Sudhen & Vishali (CPA) have been married for 10 years with sibling Akshaj (7 years) continue to serve the community under IAVA.

Sheena Pramod
Director Membership
Sheena Pramod is a Radio Jockey in Mazhavil FM USA. Sheena belongs from Kerala, the most beautiful place in India. She currently lives in Twin Hickory with her husband Pramod and son Vishnoy. She loves interacting with people and enjoy volunteering for good cause. IAVA is an excellent community organization and she is proud and happy to be a contributor in its membership team.
Rupali Pendse
Director - IAVA Teen
Rupali, her husband, and two children proudly call Glen Allen their home. She firmly believes in family values and actively participating in the community. She reflects these beliefs in the fact that she has been an office bearer for local community organizations such as GRMM, IAVA, Boy Scouts of America, Richmond Association of Realtors as well as a strong supporter of the PTA. She have passion for IAVA and loves to work for community

IAVA Executive Committee 2017


2017 IAVA Executive Committee
President Rakesh Bainsla
Vice President-Marketing Aekta Chawla
Vice President-Operations Raj Joshi
General Secretary Ram Muniganti
Treasurer Gitanjali Paithane
Cultural Mahalakshmi, Shikha, Manisha, Kim
Marketing Aekta Chawla, Gargi Pal, Rashmi Binyala, Rashmi Jaiswal
Membership Amit Mittal, Sheena, Hetal Patel, Shailender Singh, Sudhen, Bhavneet
Decorations Deepti Sitani
Entertainment Probodh Chiplunkar
Social Sanjay Goswami, Sudhakar Tiwari, Vivek Gangal, Sangeeta Tiwari
Technology & Design Ujjval Shukla, Manisha Sigh, Anay Raj, Samrat Ghosh
Communication and Social Media Nitin Jain, Swati Neogi, Pavithra Prabhakar
Camping Atul Chowdhory
Picnic Praveen Gupta
IAVA Cruise Kshitij Aggarwal
Community Outreach Sathish Chandran
IAVA Educate Gargi Pal
IAVA Teen Rupali Pendse
Youth Development Shalini Goyal, Gargi Pal
IAVA Care Milind Pendse, Rashmi Chaudhory, Ankur Patel
IAVA FIT Neelam Singh,Pankaj Sharma, Hemant Desai
Meditation Rohit Joshi
IAVA Sports Rick Sharma, Vakul Goel
IAVA Golf Dinesh Nayak
Photo/Video Media Sathish Chandran, Vinod Binyala
IAVA – Operations
Ajay Kadyan, Ketan Choksi, Abhishek Asthana, Deepak Arora, Priya Bafna,
Rajesh Chintkuntlawar, Vineet Makhija, Amit Dingra, Manish Garg
Dr. Surya Dhakar, Simran Chiplunkar, Deep Bainsla, Dr. Ram Gupta, Bina Shah
Board of Directors
Chairman Goutam Gandhi (President 2011)
Members Vikas Kapila (2012), Govind Pande (2013)
Dr. Raj Dubey (2014), Milind Pendse (2015)
Special Support
Gaurav Bhargav, Vinayak Kelkar, Ritesh Jain, Mandar Deshpande, Nilesh Bhandare, Lokesh Golia,
Yogesh Verma, Anand Keskar, Ashish Jain, Mukul Paithane, Shri Kadam, Chirant Nataraj